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You want to line your shelves with top-notch items your customers can't find anywhere else. Stock your retail store with wholesale apparel from Blue Peak Creative. You can choose from a wide selection of headwear, drinkware, hoodies and shirt. To help you get started on your store, we're now accepting FlowPay. Submit your order through our online portal and pay after 60 days. This allows you to stock your shop without paying in full up front.

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We want you to have a stress-free experience when working with our wholesale clothing vendor. Please keep these in mind when placing your order:

  • Our catalog is updated daily
  • In-house items will ship within a week
  • Please allow two to three weeks for additional items
  • You may sign up for a Brandboom account for easy access

We're proud to sell items for our Montana Grizzlies and Bobcats. From hoodies to beanies, we have what you need to show off your school pride.

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